Saturday, June 26, 2010

Biblical Origins

Here's a great 10 part discussion of the content in misquoting Jesus. It's a good look at the real origins of the Bible.

Bart Ehrman on Biblical Origins

The beginning discusses the problems of copying the text for the first several hundred years after the events took place.

Interesting dilemmas:

The Parable of the woman caught in adultery was added to John 7-8 in about the 10th century.

Ending of the book of Mark originally had the women in the tomb instructed to tell the disciples to meet the risen Jesus in Galilee, but they fled and didn't say anything to anyone because they were afraid. Scribes later added 12 verses. 16:9-end. Woemen do tell disciples to meet in Galilee, they do meet in Galilee, and Jesus tells them they can handle deadly snakes, speak in tongues, and drink poisons without being harmed.

Mark Ch. 1 - Jesus heals the leper. Several ancient manuscripts say that Jesus got angry when he healed the man.

Luke - scene of crucifixion varies greatly from Mark's. Jesus is totally in control and consoling in Luke, but confused and distressed in Mark.