Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today I arrived at TAM. I met several interesting people who I want to remember. I'll edit this later.

Collin from Science Based Parenting was quite helpful and introduced me to several people.

One of them was David from the Dallas area who runs a skeptics group there. I'll have to see if Hillary would be interested in meeting with them.

Barbara Drescher, cognitive psychologist and promoter of science based skepticism. Her husband was funny and told me about a crazy sex-themed house in aspen colorado. Her in laws quite charming.

I met Two great fellows from Australia. I will have to get their names again as i have forgotten. They live in the Melbourne area. One is a Pharmacist and the other a Social Worker. We talked about what got us started in skepticism and about the Australian census, among many topics.

Greg from Vancouver was great to talk with today. He's new to the skeptic movement but always considered himself to have a skeptical approach to the world. He is a programmer who makes video games.

I said a quick hello to Matt Lowry from our north suburban atheists and freethinkers group.